Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walked about a mile exploring a school building

My wife and I drove to Evanston, Wyoming today to listen to a granddaughter play her violin in a music competition. We also listened to her mother (my daughter) play the piano in the adult section. We had two of our grandchildren with us, ages 2 and 5 (from another daughter). We had a couple of hours before my daughter performed, so I took Jonathan, the 2 year old, for a walk around the school building. He is a very active kid, and we needed to keep him busy doing things that wouldn't disturb the students who were practicing or performing. Most of the school building wasn't being used for the music competition, so Jonathan and I walked around the vacant parts of the building for an hour. I figure we probably walked at least a mile. So, that became my exercise for the day.

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  1. (God's love to us was Jesus), but I think "Children" are a real close second.
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