Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good news about my weight!

My weight this morning was 160.2 pounds! That is 1.8 pounds BELOW my normal weight. Yesterday my weight was 162.0 pounds. Losing 1.8 pounds in one day is, I think, from reduced swelling rather than from consuming less calories. Losing 1.8 pounds from calories would mean I reduced my caloric intake by 6300 calories, all within 24 hours. How's that for a super diet :) So, I think my swelling is gone. I'm supposed to wear my compression stockings for two years. So far it's been three months. I think I'll wear them for another three months and then take them off as a test. If my swelling doesn't return (I measure each morning the circumference of each leg at three points, ankle, mid calf,and mid quad) after a week without the stockings, I'll call the clinic at the Intermountain Health Center and see what the practitioner, Liz, thinks about leaving the stockings off permanently.


  1. Getting below your normal weight is indeed good news! You might wish to keep the compression socks on like the elite runner Paula Radcliffe who wears them during races.

  2. So, if I keep the stockings on, I'll be a world-class runner like Paula. Wow, I'll go for that :)

    Yesterday my weight was up a pound and another half-pound this morning (163.4). I think the low weight was due to dehydration. Each cup of water weighs a half-pound, so if I was dehydrated a couple of cups, that would represent a loss of a pound. That is likely since I haven't been drinking as much as I should. My weight gain yesterday and today is probably due to my eating late at night before I go to bed. I have a problem in missing my supper around 6-7 pm and eating within an hour of when I go to bed.

  3. It can't really be true, I know, but it often seems to me that there is a fortnight's lag between what I eat and what I weigh.

    I eat less for two weeks, and nothing happens. And then, when I'm not looking, suddenly the weight will slowly start to shift. Running regularly also seems to make me put on a few pounds -- certainly if I take a couple of days off then my weight will go down a pound or two. I'd like to think that's because muscle is heavier than fat, but most of the time it's pretty hard to see the muscle, frankly.

    Where I am convinced is that the way to losing weight is to make just a small reduction in calorie input, but keep it up over a long time -- an inexact thesis I explain in this post rather scarily entitled the rocky road to running ruin.

    Unfortunately, of course, making even small changes in diet and sticking to them really is surprisingly hard to do...

    Kind regards from London, and enjoy your running!