Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A good walk/jog on the Jordan River Parkway

I just returned from my 1.5 mile jaunt. I alternated walking and jogging, and the total distance jogged was 0.5 miles or 33% of the total. It was a month ago (March 23) that I did my first jogging as part of the 1.5 miles. In four weeks I've gone from walking 1.5 miles to walking a mile and jogging 1/2 mile, alternating the two paces for 200 - 400 feet at a time. That is a nice improvement in the distance jogged! My legs still feel tired after each jog, but they recover quickly during the walk.

The temperature was in the low 70s, and I started to sweat during the jogs. I'm still wearing my civilian clothes (long pants), and I think it is time to switch to my running shorts. I think I'll look funny with my compression stockings under the shorts. The stockings are a dark "skin color", and I can tell people I have a good tan :) I'll also be wearing white knee-high tube compression socks over the other stockings. I'll be a visible example of a person who runs while recovering from blood clots.

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