Friday, April 17, 2009

I heard a frog last night

I walked/jogged during dusk (it was just getting dark as I finished), and I heard a frog croaking near the bank of the Jordan River. The frog didn't have the fast, light sound of a New England peeper. It had a big, throaty croak. It's the first time in several years of running the Jordan River Parkway that I've heard a frog. I hadn't thought of frogs being nocturnal, but maybe they are.


  1. I've never heard of a New England peeper...maybe Utah frogs are ill and have a frog in their throats? Not too many frogs in Vegas, in fact I've never heard nor seen one yet.

  2. Peepers are small frogs, about half an inch long. They live near the many ponds in New England. They have a unique high pitch to their call, and when you have dozens of peepers around a pond, it makes nice music to announce the coming of Spring. The link given above is to a web site about peepers, including a MP3 file of their call.