Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm doing more jogging than I realized

I've been curious about my legs feeling tired after just doing a small amount of jogging, so I took my GPS with me today when I walked/jogged the 1.5 miles, and I measured the total distance I jogged. I jogged 0.41 miles which is 27% of the total distance. I thought I was jogging 10%, so I really messed up in estimating the distances of my eight jogging spurts. I think I'll continue doing the eight segments of jogging, but I'll reduce the distance of each segment a bit. I don't want to add more jogging until I feel comfortable with the amount I'm currently doing. I also don't want to add more distance until I can jog the whole 1.5 miles ane feel comfortable doing it.

I walked/jogged today instead of tomorrow, because my daughter and her family are coming from Evanston for the weekend, and I'll be busy tomorrow with the four grandkids.

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