Thursday, April 30, 2009

The trees in Redmond, Oregon

The area around Redmond is covered with tall Juniper trees. Because of their height, I didn't recognize the trees as being Junipers. Utah is covered with Juniper trees, and they are short and bushy like, while the Oregon Junipers are tall and relatively wide. The early Mormon pioneers called the trees Cedar trees, and my home town of Cedar City, Utah was named after the trees. This morning while running, I got a close look at the trees, and I could tell they were Junipers. They had the same type of bark and needles as the Utah trees. Instead of being 8 - 10 feet tall, as they are in Utah, the Junipers here are 25 - 40 feet tall.

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  1. Thanks for sharing on how Juniper trees are really contributing their natural resources in Utah. I didn't know that Juniper trees are so elegant and the structure of the tree is unique, and its quite tall. Thanks for this wonderful article.