Thursday, April 30, 2009

When running,1.5=5.0 right?

I'm spending the week in Redmond, Oregon (my son is here on business, and my wife and I are here as traveling nannies and as family to enjoy a new area). I went out for my 1.5 mile walk/jog and ended up doing 5 miles. I didn't take a map with me, and  I got lost on the way back. Thanks to my cell phone, I was able to call my son on my cell who had a map and gave me directions. However, I still took  a couple of wrong turns and ended up doing a long loop instead of a short out-back.

This is a nice place for running. We're staying at the Eagle Crest Resort which is 4 miles from Redmond. Lots of tall juniper trees, not much traffic, and a nice [low 50s (F)] sunny spring  day. We had rain mixed with snow all day yesterday, so today was a pleasant change. This area is hilly, and I quickly learned that I'm not ready for hills. I walked up the hills and jogged down them.

I had my GPS with me to measure my total distance, but I didn't measure how far I jogged. I just jogged until my body told me it was time to walk. I would guess, though, that my jogging totaled about a mile, usually in spurts of 200 - 400 feet.

When I got to the 0.75 mile mark, where I expected to turn around, I was just getting to the outskirts of the houses and condos, and I decided to go a bit further. When I got to the 1.1 mark, I did turn around. On the way back, however, I made some wrong turns and ended up doing a large loop. This reminds me of the time in Massachusetts that I ran a new route and missed a turn, and  my 7 mile run became a 12 mile run. When I go walking/jogging again on Friday, I'll pay more attention to the street signs while going out. Today, my attention was on the beautiful houses set in the beautiful trees, and I didn't check the street signs very well. 


  1. Getting lost is a great way to squeeze in a long run!!! LOL. If I didn't wear my Garmin during a training run in Boston last year I would have gotten lost too.

  2. If I am in that situation, I am afraid to get lost because my heart starts pumping very fast. I am very sensitive when I am not in a familiar place. I'm always asking people on any situation on the right place.