Monday, May 4, 2009

Aborted a hike up a 1000 foot high hill

While I was running/walking along the road, I decided to change plans and hike up a really big hill to get a great panoramic view of the Cascade Mountains to the west. However, after walking about a quarter mile on a dirt road and going 60 feet higher in elevation, I aborted the hike. I could tell my legs weren't ready for a 1000 foot peak. In addition, if anything happened to me, people wouldn't think of me being on that dirt road, since my wife expected me to be running the paved road. It would have been a nice view, though....

Later: It has been cloudy all day with rain showers here and there. I'm not sure the Cascades would have been visible from the peak.


  1. Have you ever thought about carrying a cell phone? I often carry my cell phone for emergencies when I'm out in different surroundings. I should state that my wife DEMANDS I carry my phone and not due to any intelligent design on my part.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    I don't carry a cell phone when I run along the Jordan River Parkway, but I did carry one when I ran in Oregon. In fact, the cell was how I contacted my son to get directions back to our lodging on my first day of running in Oregon when I got lost.

    I also have RoadID tags on my shoe in case they find my dead body and need to contact my wife.

  3. My wife bought me Road ID tags for my birthday two years ago...she previously asked me what I wanted and told her about the Road ID tags...she bought me the dogtags version that hang around my neck.

  4. Ouch! That really hurts a lot to climb a 1,000 foot high hill. I have been climbing and hiking for so many miles and its really exhausting. Important is that you won't get too stressed and too much pressure. Thanks for sharing.