Monday, May 25, 2009

Visiting New England

I've been in New England since May 15. Last weekend my son graduated with a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Boston University (I got my MS in Computer Information Systems from BU in 1985). Yesterday and today my daughter received her Ph.D in Music History from Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. I fly back to Utah tomorrow.

During the week between the BU and Yale graduations, we visited old friends from our 17-year stay in Massachusetts from 1976 to 1993. We also did some sightseeing on the Cape of things my daughter and her family hadn't seen. My daughter was one-year old when we moved from Phoenix to Massachusetts, and she grew up in New England and attended Yale for her BA and the course work for her Ph.D. I had hoped to do some running while here, but our schedule didn't allow time for me to run. I did do a lot of walking, lots of walking.


  1. What a great family achievements!! You have every reason to be proud. Those ivy-league grounds makes for great walking.

  2. The campuses were nice for walking, and we did a lot of walking in Boston and at Plimoth Plantation. In fact I didn't go into Old Sturbridge Village because my feet were tired. I sat in the shade and read three small books about the Pilgrams, Lewis & Clark, and George Washington. I had visited Old Sturbridge several times when I lived in Massachusetts from 1976 to 1993, so I didn't miss anything. I had never taken the walking trail around Boston, and I had never been to Plimoth Plantation, and I enjoyed walking there.

  3. The day after the 2008 Boston Marathon I walked along the Charles River in front of the MIT for about three miles, watched the students learn sailing (I heard it's free) and the Duck much to see, so little time! Boston is such a great walking city and would love to return there someday.