Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another 1.5 mile run/walk

I was out about 9 am and did the 1.5 mile course again. I didn't have my GPS with me to measure the amount of running, but I think I did a bit more than on Wednesday. Probably 1.1 miles or so. There are two places that I use as a judge of how much running I'm doing. The first place is at the beginning of the run, and the second place is at the beginning of the return leg. In both places I ran about 200 feet more than I've been running. I can't use any guideposts in the middle of the run since I don't have an absolute place to start those phases. At the beginning of the out-phase and at the beginning of the return-phase I have a consistent starting place.

After my run I went to a local hospital for a health fair and had my cholesterol checked. It was 162. Six months ago it was 240 (I've been eating less cheese and red meat during the six months). That 162 is the lowest I've ever had. My glucose number was 74 (80 to 120 is considered good), so I'm better than that. My blood pressure was 117/70. My eye test wasn't good, though. My right eye is 20/50 and my left eye is 20/40. Both eyes together are 20/70. I've been aware that I was starting to have problems in my distance-vision, and this confirms that. I'll have to get to an eye doctor before my drivers license comes due in October. Considering everything, I'm in pretty good health for an old guy.

My wakeup pulse rate is high. This is probably due to my not getting enough sleep in past weeks. Even though I'm doing better in getting sleep, it takes time for my body to recover from the lack of sleep. When I was in marathon training 25 years ago, it would take me a couple of weeks to recover from lack of sleep, and due to my it probably takes more time than that now. After my pulse rate comes down, I should do better in my running, although my legs are my weakest point right now.

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