Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bought a finger-clip thing to measure the oxygen level in my blood

When I was in the hospital in January, the docs did a CT scan of my legs and lungs. The scan showed multiple blood clots in my legs but none in my lungs. However, the doctor was concerned that I might have small clots in my lungs due to my heavy breathing from climbing stairs and while walking.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my recovery and ability to run again is going very slow, and I'm still breathing heavily while I run and especially while I mow my lawns. I don't breath heavily, though, when I climb one flight of stairs (15 steps) to my bedroom. In January, before I went to the hospital, I had sweat running down my face after climbing to my bedroom. My heavy breathing while I run and mow my lawns concerns me, so last night I bought a finger-clip that will measure my pulse rate and the oxygen level in my blood. The clip should arrive in 5 or 6 days. My blood level should be in the high 90%, and if it is below 90%, I'll revisit my doctor and probably go back to the hospital for more testing for blood clots in my lungs.

As long as I don't die from all of this, this experience is pretty interesting. I've had almost perfect health for 72 years, and I'm enjoying the experience of being in a hospital, being tested, having mummy-looking legs, and wearing compression socks 24/7. If I do die prematurely, meaning before I'm 100, then that will be interesting too.


  1. You're a true scientist with your body as the subject! Great idea getting a finger clip monitor for measuring your oxygen level in your blood! Although I definitely would NOT enjoy the experience of being in a hospital, I was in a state of shock just visiting my wife last spring when she was removing a huge lump from her stomach. You're made of sterner, stronger, stuff than I am!!

  2. I don't know how strong I am, but I do like to watch the docs operate on me. Years ago I had a colonoscopy, and I had a local anesthesia and was thus awake during the procedure. The doctor was watching the inspection of my colon on a computer monitor. At my request, he moved the monitor a bit so I could watch too. That was really interesting. He printed three pictures for me. As soon as I get them scanned, I'll post them in a new post that will follow this post. I hope they don't gross anyone out :)