Monday, June 22, 2009

My 1.5 miles started out good but I aborted just before the end

As I anxiously left for my run, I wondered if the increased blood flow would have a significant effect on my running. I did run a bit farther on my first running segment, and my legs didn't feel as tired at that point as they have in the past. However, at the half way point I had run about the same distance (0.37 miles) as I've been doing. On the way back I felt nauseous, and I aborted my run about 200 feet from the end and made a bee-line for my car and then to home (the nausea was caused by my bowels needing attention, and there wasn't a porta-potty nearby, and due to a chain link fence, I couldn't go into the bushes. I did make it home ok, and the nausea was gone.

I've felt fine during the day, although when I mowed my lawns this evening, I still got pretty tired. Before my blood-clot attack in January, I could mow the lawns without stopping and feel great at the end. Now, I have to stop and rest several times, and my legs and body feel tired. My total distance for the run was 0.85 miles for the 1.5 mile course.

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