Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My body wasn't quite so tired during my run

I completed the 1.5 mile course again, and I ran 0.97 miles or 65% during the run. I had a big bowl of Cheerios and a banana about an hour before I ran, and I could tell my breathing wasn't quite as good as it normally is. However, by the end of the run I was breathing normally. I usually stop running and walk the last 0.1 miles, but today (and the day I ran 1.01 miles) I ran to the end of the course. That is a good sign, indicating my body is slowly getting stronger. Many people would ignore small signs of improvement, such as running the last 0.1 mile, but I notice them. They are signs that I am improving, and they help keep positive my attitude and emotions about my running.

Before my run, I drove to my son's house in the west part of the valley, and it was starting to rain as I got there. However, the central part of the valley, where I run, was partly sunny, and I completed my run with no rain. It is now starting to rain at my house. Not a big downpour, just a gentle rain. The temperature is in the low 70s (F), and it is a nice day!

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