Monday, June 15, 2009

My legs (and my body) were tired during my run this morning

I ran the 1.5 mile route again this morning, but as soon as I started running I could tell my legs were tired. I ran 0.8 miles of the 1.5 miles. I felt tired during the rest of the day and didn't do much yard work when I got home. The snails in my flower gardens are getting a holiday since I didn't put out the snail bait today as I had planned.

Other than feeling tired, it was a nice run. There was a walker behind me. She was walking faster than I was walking, and during my walks she would almost catch up to me, and then I would start running and pull ahead of her. At the turn-around point, I stopped for a couple of minutes to look at the river, and the walker came to the turn-around point, and we spoke for a couple of minutes. She said we had talked last summer when it was awfully hot; I recognized her face, but I don't remember our conversation. She thanked me for helping her last summer during the heat. I guess I suggested she drink more water or walk slower or something like that.

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