Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My running is inching toward the full 1.5 miles that I do

I used my GPS to measure the distance I was actually running: 0.92 miles or 61% of the 1.5 mile path. If all goes well this week and Monday, I should reach the 1 mile mark on my Wednesday run next week.

When I was ready to leave for my run it was raining, so I waited until the rain stopped and then drove to the Jordan River Parkway. I started my run, and just as I reached the turn-around point, it started raining again, although a lighter rain, and it rained for most of my return to the Parkway. After I got in my car and started home, the rain came again and was much heaver that it had been while I was on the Parkway. Just before I stopped I passed two runners, and one of them said,"You'll get all wet". I replied, "It feels good". The temperature was in the high 50s (F), and the rain did feel good.

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  1. Allen,

    We have a lot in common: long time runner, Amatuer radio, Jazz. You should check out my blog at Taking Things in Stride.