Monday, July 13, 2009

I've had a long rest; now, back to running

I ran and walked the 1.5 miles again. The running part was 0.8 miles. I felt fine and enjoyed being out. Last week my wakeup pulse rate was 62, and I felt pretty tired. Today the wakeup pulse rate was 56, still high from my normal of 50, but low enough that I could run OK.

I talked for a few minutes with a man I've seen on the Parkway several times. He rides an electric motor-scooter-chair, and he has a small dog that rides with him. He is a few months older than me. He gets about 20 miles on a charge of his battery. He has a special rig on the back of his SUV that holds the chair. He just drives on the rig, gets off the chair, presses a button to automatically fasten the chair to the rig and raise the chair a foot or so off the ground. Then he and his dog get in his truck and drive away. He can walk around his house OK, and he can drive OK. He just can't walk long distances. It's nice that he has found a way to travel on the Parkway and enjoy the outdoors.


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    Would I be able to use/copy your graph about tangents (from your running injury free blog) for an article I am writing? I will of course give you credit.


  2. I don't know if I can jog a full mile without collapsing. But I'll start soon and I'll be taking it easy like you adviced. I'm really inspired by your work.Kudos.