Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ran the 1.6 miles early this morning

I was on the path by 8 am this morning. The temperature was in the mid 70s (F), and there was lots of shade due to the sun not being very high in the sky. I was hoping to make the 1.8 miles that I ran earlier in the week, but I stopped at 1.6 miles. I'm still recovering from the 2 hours sleep I got Sunday night. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to recover from a sleep deficit like that. My wakeup heart rate was 62.


  1. hey keep running old man! we dig it.

    we're new to blogger, make us famous.

  2. Congrats on your daily insperational runs.

    I was wondering what got you started on blogging?

  3. Your amazing!!

    Currently I'm in highschool but by the age 73 I'm hoping to still be running. Your a wonderful inspiration!

    Wiseapprentice did ask a good question, why did you start blogging?

  4. 1.6 miles is still something to be proud of! Don't beat yourself up!

  5. Wiseapprentice,

    What got me started on blogging? Long story. Here goes.
    I've been involved with computers for 40 years. I taught web design in college for several years, and I've had my own web sites for about 15 years, including my tutorial running site. When blogging first started, I recognized that it was a non-technical way that people could have their own web sites. And, I recognized that through blogging I could teach the basics of running in a way that was different from my tutorial site. Rather than have the blog be just a diary of my activities, I've tried to include reasons why I did such and such to help people improve on their running.

  6. Hi Kitty,

    You're right. I am proud of the 1.6 miles. In January I finished a 23-mile week with a 7-mile run on Saturday. On Monday I could only walk 100 feet before I had to stop and rest. I had been attacked by blood clots. I've been proud of all the distances I've run since January, because I'm glad to be still running.

    I have a personality that is helpful in this situation: I focus on my immediate problems and ignore the world. My focus right now is short distances because that is what my body can do. I'm as proud of my 1.6 miles today as I was my PB in half marathons two years ago and my PB in marathons 27 years ago. Hopefully, in a couple more years I'll be back to half marathons, and I'll be as proud of those runs as I am today with 1.6 miles.

  7. amazing!it's so scarce in my country as you

  8. Danette8/14/2009

    I ran my first 5k at 40 on August 8th. What a rush! What an inspiration you are ! Keep up the great work! You'll be back up ther in no time!

  9. Anonymous8/14/2009

    Congratulations! Your exemple gives an invigorating pattern of how to fight for a biologically - physiologically healthy life. Don't take it as an offense my proposal to run naked sometimes, where nodody will chase you, thus improving your performance. Running naked - even for a short period of time - could improve your "kinesthetic sense of motion" to a possibly artful level, and thus providing a never expexted pleasure of running. Respectfully: artiscientocrat /from Hungary 2009.08.14. 16:12

  10. Resounding Hi to the (chronologically) Old Man !

    A rupture of the Achilles tendon, heel-cartilage surgery, and ensuing blood clots forced me to give up running, so I'm used to ride my bike, and to go to swim as well. Blood clots are serious warnings. What about "picking up" swimming, and biking? First nutritional rule /in my experience/: the salt should be kept away of the food, meal or whatever.., including the bread & every baker's ware! Not an easy matter! The swimming is as great cardio - vascular training, kinesthetic intelligence training, as the running. Floating in the air or floating in the water, almost one and the same. What about swimming, which could spare your feet & legs? Faithfully: artiscientocrat / from Hungary

  11. Well running man you look pretty healthy to me. A "young at heart" and energetic 73 year old you put the rest of us to shame.

    The temperature here at the moment is 39 degrees and walking has to be done either early morning or late evening - when its time for my bed!!

    I have just completed an hours walking giving out the Avon books so that is the sum total of my marathon.

    So good luck and as a newbie blogger I am learning loads from each of you.