Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ran/walked 2 miles again

I did the 2-mile course again. I was tired but still had reasonable energy, and I ran when I felt like it and walked when I didn't. I didn't get out until 10:20 this morning, and even with less shade I didn't get overly thirsty. My wakeup heart rate was 62. It has been 60-62 for the past week, even though I'm sleeping well at night.

I was tired today because yesterday was a very busy day. My wife and I took four grandchildren on the commuter train to Salt Lake City to see the new library and the Beehive and Lion houses, two of the houses next to Temple Square that were used by Brigham Young and his wives. On of the grandkids is working on the requirements for his Bear award in cub scouting, and our trip was to visit old pioneer homes and other historical places. Even though I did some sitting yesterday, I was on my feet a lot, and my body needs extra rest today.

The water level in the Jordan River is quite a bit lower than it was during the spring. Most of the ducks are gone, but I still see a few in the river and a few who are hanging around waiting for food from people.


  1. Spending time with your grandkids probably requires more energy than running! I run a lot more miles than when my kids were toddlers and I'm not nearly as tired as I used to be! :)

  2. I think it is fantastic how healthy and active you are at your age, heck at any age it is terrific, but quite impressive the older one gets. Staying young at heart keeps one happy, healthy, and active. Or is it - if you stay active you stay happy, healthy, and young at heart? Either way, I'd have to say you have the right recipie. DS Williamson