Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still getting lots of visitors

For the past four days I've had 800-900 visitors per day to this blog. That is significantly less than the peak of 6,000 visitors I had last week, but it is significantly more than the 30-50 visitors per day that I had before this blog was listed in Blogs of Note. Tomorrow is the last day this blog will be listed on the home page of BoN, and then my blog will drop off the end and will be gone from the home page. I'm interested to see how much my visitor-statistics will decrease when that happens.

Being listed in the Blogs of Note has brought about 20,000 visitors to this blog, and many people have left kind remarks about the blog. I appreciate all of those who visited, and I hope my blog has left a positive influence in their lives. The important thing is not me as a person but the influence my blog has had and is having on those who visit. Many people have influenced my life in positive ways, and I hope I'm doing that to others.


  1. Anonymous8/13/2009

    I don't usually visit the blogs of note site but was there serendipitously to catch your blog. You are so admirable in your love of running and quest for good health. As a med student/running enthusiast interested in geriatrics, I really get a kick out of your blog! Rock on!

  2. You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure lots of other people. Well Done!