Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Added a bit to give 4 miles in another great run

In the late afternoon I ran 4 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. I usually run the new 1.5 mile out-back northern segment and then go south out-back to finish my run. However, tonight I did the full run going south and back. I made the change because I knew it would be dark and I wouldn't be able to see my GPS. By going south and running 4 miles, my turn-around point would be a small bridge that I could recognize in the dark.

I didn't have quite the energy that I had last Friday, but I still had a good run during most of the run. During the last mile, I was getting tired, and I walked more than I had been walking during the first three miles, although the amount of walking during the last mile was about the same as it was during the summer.

It was nice to run in the dark and see the lights of buildings and cars. There were a lot of ducks bedding down for the night in the river, and they were quacking. Flocks of geese flew overhead just as it was getting dark, and they were honking. My wife, though, doesn't like me to run after dark because of her concerns for my safety. So, I need to finish my run before it gets dark. I did see two cyclists and three or four runners/walkers on the path after dark.

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