Monday, November 23, 2009

Did a nice 3-miler to finish my rest week

My wakeup heart was 55, and I felt fine and was anxious to get out running. However, we had 3 inches of snow last night, so I delayed my run until noon to give the sun time to melt the snow on the Parkway path. The shade temperature was in the high 30s (F) during my run, but the direct-sun temperature was in the high 50s. Most of the path is in the direct sun. There were a few shady spots that had some snow and ice. The air felt cold, though. I only wore two layers, and I was cold when I began but felt fine after a quarter mile. I'm wearing cotton compression socks that go up to my thigh (I'll be wearing them for another 13 months), and they kept my legs warm.

During the first half of the northbound out-back segment of the path, I only took one relatively short walking break during the 0.75 miles out and three short walking breaks on the way back. That was a good improvement from the summer when I was taking 4 breaks out and 4 or 5 breaks back. During the last 1.5 miles, I took about the same number of breaks that I did earlier this fall when I was running 3 miles. My body is taking a lot longer in recovery from the blood clots than I had expected. I guess blood clots really do a "job" on ones body.

I plan on doing 4 miles per run for the next two or three weeks to give my body more time to adjust to the increased distance. Then, I'll advance my three runs up to 5 miles and do that for a couple of weeks.

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