Friday, November 13, 2009

I saw a red fox on the path and two deer in the river

On my way back on the 0.75 mile north segment of the path, I caught a glimpse of a red fox trotting down the path. When I got to the place where the land owner was building a rock wall, he stopped me with a wave of his hand and asked if I had seen the fox. The fox had trotted past him. I've seen the fox once or twice before. This picture of a fox is from the web. As with all the pictures in this blog, click for a larger view.

After talking with the land owner for a couple of minutes, I continued my run and saw two big mule deer on the path. A minute later I saw them wading to the other side of the river. They were about 100 feet from me, and I had a good view of them. No antlers. They are big and looked as big as a young horse. This picture of a mule deer is also from the web.

This is the fourth time I've seen deer during my runs. In two of the times, the deer were in the river. In one of the times, the deer was on the path, and one time the deer was a couple of hundred feet west of the path, near a house. My mother-in-law lives on the East bench of Salt Lake City, and she sees deer in her backyard every winter. Sometimes 15 or 20 deer at a time. They come off the mountain during the winter looking for food.


  1. Isn't running great for seeing wildlife? I've seen a fox on one of my runs - amazing since I live in suburbia only 10k from the city. I've seen a tree covered in white cockatoos and a family of ducklings crossing the road. Moments like these warm the heart.

  2. Yes, moments like these do warm the heart. I've forgotten to mention that I often see quail running around the path and nearby bushes. During May and June of each year, I see ducklings. My brother-in-law runs in the nearby mountains, and he has seen and been stalked by Cougars....