Thursday, November 19, 2009

Took a rest day today

I've made good progress the past few weeks, and I decided it was time for a rest week to give my body some extra rest. I had planned to run 1 mile today, 2 miles on Saturday, and 3 miles on Monday. Then back to 4 miles for a couple of weeks. However, my wakeup pulse rate was 63 this morning and I felt tired. I thus took a rest day. I'll see how I feel tomorrow or Saturday.


  1. Make sure that you give your body plenty of rest to prevent injuries, nobody needs those!

  2. So true. Many runners don't realize that running actually damages body cells via small tears in the muscle. It's during the rest that repairs are made and our bodies become stronger.

    My wakeup heart rate numbers for the past few days are a testament to the importance of rest.