Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ran/walked 4 miles again

My wakeup heart rate was 57, and I felt pretty good during the day. I left for my run just as the sun was going down; the sun had set before I reached the first half-mile marker. During the first and last mile, I ran and walked about equal amounts, but during the second and third miles I did more walking than running.

My hands got pretty cold during the run. I didn't have gloves on, so I tucked my hands in the sleeves of my wind breaker, but my hands still got cold, especially the right hand. In past years I could run in temperatures colder than today and my hands felt fine once my body had warmed up. But, today my hands stayed cold. This may be an indication that my blood circulation isn't as good as it used to be. The temperature was 31 (F) when I left home, and I knew it would be cold during my run. I thus wore long pants and an extra T-shirt (3 layers).

My hands were so cold when I finished the run that I had difficulty unzipping the pocket in my jacket to get my car key, and I had trouble punching the remote to open the car door and trouble putting the key in the ignition and starting the car. My fingers were still cold when I reached home and went into the house. In all my years of running, I've never had my hands be as cold as they were tonight. And, the temperature was only a few degrees below freezing.


  1. My hands are usually OK once I warm up, but I usually run with light cotton gloves when it gets around 30.

  2. Hi Vern, I wore light gloves when I ran in Massachusetts because it was cold there. I've been Utah for 16 years and haven't had to wear them. But, my experience yesterday taught me I'm getting older and my circulation isn't as good, and I need the gloves. However, I do wonder if my blood-clot problem is related to this in some way...

  3. How did you get used to running in such cold weather? I absolutely hate being cold, but with December already here, I guess I'm being forced to learn sooner or later. Any tips? Thanks! Great blog by the way, keep it up!!

  4. Hi Dana,

    I grew up in cold weather, and I'm used to it. Here are some tips.