Monday, December 14, 2009

See how I built my ice shoes

On December 9, 2009 I described how I built a pair of ice shoes using hex-head screws. Here is a video showing exactly what I did. This video was created for the HPHC site, and it is cross-posted to this blog.


  1. Allen

    I found your blog through your injury-free running site. I'm 58 and have taken up running and riding my bike over the past year. I hated running as a young person and when I had kids at home had no time for any kind of workout. But now the kids are all grown and I can spend an hour or so in the morning without shirking some fatherly responsibility. I got into running because my wife got a treadmill a few years ago and I started using it and slowly worked up my distance until I realized I could run a 5k---never had done that before in my life. I got so excited that the next week I ran down to the lake and back on the Provo River Parkway. (I live just down the freeway from you in Provo) That was over five miles and of course I immediately got shin splints so bad I could hardly walk. So after moping around for a couple of days, I borrowed my son's bike (which was just hanging in the garage while he's on his mission), and began riding while my legs were recovering. Throughout the summer I rode along the river---on Saturdays my long ride would be all the way up Provo canyon to the end of the river path and onto the dirt trails beyond, about thirty five miles. ( I got to enjoy riding as much as running, and it doesn't beat my joints up so much.) Finally my shin splints wore off and I was alternating riding and running days, but now I'm back mostly to running because it's too
    cold and icy to be riding.
    Anyway, enough about me. I just wanted to say hello from down the road, and say thanks for the info. The ice shoes are a good idea and your general attitude and example of dogged determination are inspiring.
    I've got you bookmarked for regular reading.

    Guy Randle

  2. Hi Guy,

    Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to hear from a runner in Provo. My son-in-law teaches at BYU, and we get down there quite often.

    Alternating running and riding is a great combo!

  3. thanks for commenting my blog with the link to this.. I hope you dont mind I put it in a post.. and credited you obviously :)