Monday, February 8, 2010

Last week was a good running week, considering my sleep deprivation

I ran twice last week, doing 2 miles each run. I haven't been getting enough sleep the past week or 10 days, and my energy level was low. My wakeup heart rate was about 62. I ran in the early afternoon and enjoyed being out and basking in the sun.

I didn't run on Saturday because we went to the Soldier Hollow Cross Country ski resort and watched visually impaired and mobile impaired persons compete in a cross country event. Two friends of ours, whom we've known for almost 50 years and who are both blind, competed. The event was sponsored by Ski for Light. I took video of the event, and as soon as I get it edited, I'll post it to youtube and then here. I really admire blind people and people who need assistance walking who ski.

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