Thursday, February 25, 2010

My wakeup heart rate has dropped

Today is a rest day, but I wanted to report that my wakeup heart rate dropped to 55 this morning. That is a big drop and a good sign!

Another good news is that my weight has dropped, indicating I've had less swelling the past couple of days than I've been having. In recent weeks my weight has been 10-15 pounds above my weight 13 months ago before blood clots attacked me. I peaked at 38 pounds of extra weight 12 months ago. Today my weight came in at 8 pounds above my pre-clot weight, and I think much if not most of that weight is probably due to fat gain. I say this because my leg-measurements indicate my legs are currently close to the normal size, indicating most of the swelling has gone. I've thought of two reasons I've gained fat weight. First, I've been eating as though I was running 20-30 miles per week, when in reality I've been running about 6-12 miles per week. Second, I've had a habit of eating later in the evening. So, I'm not eating as much, and I'm trying to eat my supper around 6-7 pm. Hopefully, my weight will continue to drop.

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