Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ran 2.5 miles in a cold wind

My wakeup heart rate was higher this morning (62), and as I ran I could tell I was getting tired. I thus aborted the run so I would be in better shape on Saturday. The sky was cloudy. The temperature was in the mid 30s (F), but a 15 mph wind was blowing giving a wind chill somewhere down in the 20s. My body felt OK (three layers), but my face was cold when I was running into the wind.

My mile splits for the first two miles were 16:42 and 18:29, about the same as yesterday. To give a context to those numbers, I checked my running and walking paces, and they were about 15 and 22, respectfully. This means that during the first mile, I did more running than walking, and during the second mile, I did about the same. That is what I had guessed, based on rough estimates of how far I went during each cycle of running and walking.

My walking pace shows I'm not walking very fast. This is, I think, due to my fast cadence pace of about 180 steps per minute. That fast cadence pace means that I'm taking relatively small steps when I run (good idea to avoid overstriding), and I think my walking has also adopted smaller steps. When I run and when I walk I'm using a mid-strike due to the smaller steps. I'm naturally a heel striker and have evolved into midfoot strikes.

I had minor surgery Monday afternoon to obtain tissue for a biopsy for skin cancer. That surgery may have contributed to my higher heart rate. Also, my body just may need more time to recover from my good run Monday morning.

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