Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rocks are being placed in the Jordan River

Last week there was a construction-ribbon blocking the path were I run. Actually, the ribbon was blocking the south-bound path but not the north-bound path, and I ran the north-bound path. I didn't know what construction was going on further south, but since I was going north, I didn't worry about it.

Yesterday, after I completed the 1.5 mile round-trip on the northern path, I went south to the tunnel under 106th South, and I saw where the construction had taken place. Weeds and bushes had been cleared from about 20 feet of the river bank, and I could see equipment-tracks in the dirt. I saw large concrete blocks (about 10 feet long and 2 feet on a side) being lifted into a big truck, and I wondered what the blocks were for and where they came from.

Today, as my friend and I walked past the place where the blocks were at yesterday, I got answers to my questions. I talked with a man who was preparing to move a large shovel onto his flat-bed trailer being pulled by his truck. The blocks were gone. He said they were placing rocks on the river bank to prevent erosion, and the blocks were used to create a diversion so the water wouldn't flow near the bank. They had to stop their work due to the faster water-flow in the river, and they were moving the blocks and their equipment to another location for another job. The placement of the rocks and the higher level of water in the river indicate that a large runoff from the mountains is expected this spring.

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