Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Took a 4-mile walk with a friend

Today, a friend and I walked the 4-mile course that I ran/walked yesterday. My legs were tired when we finished, but my body felt fine.

Two friends from the Washington, DC area are staying with me for a few days. They came to Utah to ski in the Ski for Light event that my wife and I observed on Saturday. They were scheduled to leave on Sunday, but their flights were canceled due to heavy snow back east. Their flights were rescheduled for Tuesday, but those flights were canceled due to the snow. They are currently scheduled to leave on Friday and Saturday. There were actually three friends, but one of them did get away on Tuesday, although he was stranded in Minneapolis and won't leave there until Friday. Fortunately, one of his friends from Ski for Light lives in the Minneapolis area, and he is staying with them until he gets a flight to Dulles Airport in Virginia. My friend who is stranded in Minneapolis is blind and has a dog. His wife, who is staying with me and will, hopefully, leave on Saturday is blind but doesn't have a dog. The friend who walked with me today isn't blind and was the guide (companion) during the Ski for Light for my friend who is in Minneapolis. The friend who lives in Minneapolis isn't blind and was the guide for the wife who is staying with me.

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