Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ran 2.5 miles again

I ran 2.5 miles again, doing 1/4 mile before the first walking break. Subsequent segments of running got shorter as my run progressed. I felt stronger than I did on Monday, but my wakeup pulse rate is high (64) due to not quite getting my 7 hours of sleep.

The temperature was in the low 50s with almost no wind. A beautiful, sunny day. I wore my wind breaker over my short sleeved T-shirt, but I took it off and tied it around my waist during my return to my car.

The Jordan River is over 2 feet lower than it was on Monday. In fact, it looks like it is returning to its low level in the winter. This means the pumping station at the beginning of the river at the north end of Utah Lake has stopped pumping large quantities of water into the river. I've been speculating that the persons who manage the pumping station were trying to lower the level in the lake to prepare for the spring runoff of snow melt. Apparently the level is now low enough that the lake can handle the snow melt. The level in the river should go up again in April and May.

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