Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reduced my run to 1.5 miles

I don't know why, but my wakeup pulse rate this morning was 65. I've been sleeping fine, but I didn't feel very energetic this morning. I drove to the Jordan River Parkway and ran the north segment (1.5 miles round trip). I could tell as I neared the end of the segment that I was getting tired, and I stopped the run when I finished the segment.

I saw two quail walking in some rocks near the path. Also, I noticed the river is about a foot lower than it was last week. At one particular point, there are some dead limbs sticking out of the water, and I use those limbs to gage the level of the water.

I started my run at 9:30 am. It is a beautiful day, but the temperature is in the low 80s already.

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