Monday, July 26, 2010

Today was a great day for my 3-mile run

Yesterday had a shade temperature high of 102 (F). This morning about 9 am, the shade temperature was 92 (F), and I thought today would be a repeat of yesterday. However, a storm front came through, the sky clouded up, and we had a light rain. When I left about 4 pm to go running, the shade temperature was 72 and a light rain, more of a mist than a rain, was falling.

Because of the lower temperature, I didn't take any water with me. However, I became thirsty during the last mile of the run. I had drunk two glasses of water before I left, but I sweated a lot during the run and could have used some water. 72 (F) seems cool compared to mid 90s, but 72 is still pretty warm for running. The good news is that I didn't take or need any rest stops. I'm still doing 45 steps running and 33 steps walking (well, not really steps; the number of times my left foot hits the ground).

I saw a rock check in a field (same place I've seen them in the past), and I saw a lot of Starlings (maybe Doves) on the path. At first I thought the birds were quail, but when I got close to them, I could tell they wern't quail. They were too big to be sparrows.

I didn't measure my wakeup heart rate this morning, but I assume it was high. I did get a good 7 hours of sleep last night, but I need at least a week of good sleeping to bring my heart rate down to "normal". I'll be going to bed soon after I post this report, and I should be asleep by 11:30.

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