Friday, September 24, 2010

Still tired...

Even though I had 7 hours sleep last night, my body is still tired. My wakeup heart rate was 60 this morning.


  1. You should get plenty of rest before your 5k race tomorrow! I'm usually too excited to sleep the night before. HAVE FUN!!

  2. Hi Bruce,

    If I finish in an hour or less, I'll be doing well. I still can't run more than a quarter mile before I have to walk and recover. Each run is less. The only way I'm getting distance more than a mile is to alternate running and walking. This week I've been alternating for 30 seconds each. Last week I did a minute each.

  3. Smart not to worry about time, and finishing in an hour or less would be fantastic! Alternating running and walking is a very good plan. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and the electric atmosphere of the race itself. No matter how and when you finish, you're always my hero and role model.