Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A great day for reading as well as for running

During my run I passed a guy who was sitting on a bench enjoying the afternoon sun and reading a book. As I passed him, I thought, "A nice way to spend an afternoon". On my way back I passed him again, only this time he wasn't on the bench. He was walking slowly on the Parkway path reading as he walked. Seeing him brought back memories of my childhood, when I would walk 3/4 mile to the library, check out a book, and then read it while I walked home. As I passed the guy, I commented that he must have an interesting book. He stopped and showed me his book -- a book on Greek philosophy. He said the book helped him keep his sanity.

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  1. Wow! How many people spend an afternoon sitting on a bench and reading Greek philosophy? This must mean there are at least a few intelligent people left in the country, lol! Enjoyed this post immensely. For the simplicity of the observation and also because it reminded me of how much I enjoyed libraries as a child. Do you remember the smell of the library? I still do! A cozy, comforting happy smell. :)