Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've run 10 miles this week, 5 more to go

On Monday when I first ran 5 miles, I started at 100th South and ran across the new narrow bridge across the Jordan River to the point where the new path joins the old path (about a hundred yards past the bridge. I ran 5 miles today, but I drove to the East Pavilion and ran to the tunnel under 123th South (I went to the East Pavilion so my 5 miles would take me further south). I started getting tired on the way back, and I took one rest stop about a mile before I reached the narrow bridge. The path from the narrow bridge along the east side of the river to the playground in the city of Draper is a mixture of old path and new path. I found one spot where there is a bench made of railroad ties that is on one of the segments of old path, and I used that bench for my rest stop. There are drinking fountains at both the East Pavilion and the Draper playground.

Today was another beautiful day. The next two days will be great, and then a storm front will move through Utah, bringing snow in the Wasatch mountains, rain here in the valley, and temperatures in the 50s (F). We've been having temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s, but the 50s are even better for running. As long as we don't have lightning, I'll run through the rain if it comes while I out. However, Utah summer rains usually don't last more than a few minutes at a time. So far, this has been a warm Fall -- no serious frosts yet. We're still harvesting tomatoes, string beans, squash, and pumpkins. Also lettuce. Our fruit trees, though, didn't have any fruit at all. We had a wet spring with changing temperatures, and I guess the fruit trees didn't like that.

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