Friday, October 8, 2010

Today was a great run, and I added 10%

The day began with my wakeup heart rate of 52, the lowest its been for 1 3/4 years. The temperature was about 60 (F) when I left, and the sky was overcast with just a bit of sun once in a while. I left home about noon full of confidence that this day would be a good day for running, and it was. I added 10% to make my run 4.4 miles, my longest in 1 3/4 years.

During the first several running segments, I measured my pace at a bit under 13, significantly lower than the 17 or 18 that I ran a year ago (my normal pace is 14-15).  I only kept that pace for about 3/4 mile, because I knew I wouldn't have the energy to keep it up for the full distance. It's like running a race. One has to avoid going out too fast and then running "out of gas" during the last half of the race. I didn't push myself to run the faster pace. It was the beginning of the run, and I felt energetic. For most of the run, I did practice lifting my knees higher.

I'm still using the  90/66 ratio of left-foot steps running/walking. I didn't carry water with me, and I got a nice drink from the fountain on my way back. Also, I didn't take any rest breaks, and I found two golf balls -- what more could a guy ask than that for a successful run!


  1. WOW! Lowest wakeup heart rate in a long time...AND completing 4.4 miles too! You are making great strides (pun intended).

  2. I read about how you had gone faster lifting your news higher and it has worked for me as well. I've done it in two races now: a 10-mile and a 10k. This weekend is my half marathon and I will use it then.

  3. Hi Caron,

    I'm glad your experience with lifting your knees has been positive. Let us know about your half-marathon. Your experiences in running will be helpful to others!