Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 more miles toward my lifetime goal of 1,000,000 miles :)

Today's run was a duplicate of Monday's run. Almost the same wakeup heart rate. Same route. Same distance. Same performance, getting tired after 2 miles. Same weather, sunny, temperature in the low 60s (F), and a nice day. More people on the path, though. I didn't carry water with me, but I had a bottle of water in my car and took drinks at the beginning and ending of my run.

I saw a garter snake in the rocks at the South end of the tunnel under 106th South (probably one of the snakes I saw a few days ago). It disappeared in the rocks and then stuck its head out of another hole and looked at me. The snake is about the diameter of my little finger and about 2 feet long.

I saw a cross-country skier. We have no snow, of course, and he had wheels on his skis. He was pushing himself with his poles, the same as he would do with snow. He should have strong arms by the time snow arrives and he does it for real.


  1. hinkiepie11/09/2010

    Wow! A million miles?!? You're amazing!

  2. A little bit of hyperbole on my part :)