Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wendy: Delayed Recovery from Injury

Happy Thanksgiving from Korea. We are keeping on eye on the turkey and one on the news, but so far all is well.

I was excited to be at the end of my prescribed rest from running, but my foot didn’t feel completely healed so I went in to see the orthopedic surgeon to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, he told me exactly what I DID NOT want to hear. 6-8 more weeks and then another doctor visit before running again. Oh yes, and walking is okay, but NO HIKING! I nearly burst into tears on the exam table. The doc was very sympathetic and concerned, and understood how I felt. He has seen me at the gym enough times to know how committed I am. I had warned him at the start that I would probably heal slowly due to the rheumatoid arthritis and medications that go with it, but he was still surprised and how true it turned out to be.

It can be hard to be at the low end of the bell curve, taking longer than your peers to heal, longer to make gains in strength or speed, having to work harder to control weight or reach physical goals, but it doesn’t mean we have a free ride to give-up-city. Yes, this will likely be a 6 months break from running instead of 2 or 3, but that is what it is, a break. Not a permanent end and not a reason to quit working out. I still have the gym, spin class, and belly dancing (awesome for core work and hip flexibility). It is up to me to stay motivated and moving forward to try to minimize the losses. 6 weeks puts me on top of New Year’s Day so now I’m probably the only person I know that is anxious for the holidays to be behind me. I hope everyone has a joyous end to the year and a bright new beginning for 2011.

PS For those of you who don’t feel up to the task of holiday cooking, here is proof that I’m a worse cook than any of you.

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  1. My mom told me that if I would eat burned food, I would have black hair. I did develop a liking for carbon, but I never did get black hair.