Saturday, November 20, 2010

I did it! 16 miles of running/walking this week

I ran 5.5 miles again, giving me 16 miles this week in three days of running/walking. This is the largest weekly distance I've had since my blood clot attack in January 2009. I did 22 miles the week before the attack.

My body felt tired as soon as I started running, and I switched to running 50-66 left-foot-steps and walking 40-50 lfs. I completed the run without out much difficulty. I did sit down for a couple of minutes on the way back. There was a 20-30 mph south gusty wind that made my going out more difficult, but on the way back the tail wind pushed me, and I enjoyed that. There were a couple of times that a large gust tried to push me faster than I wanted to go, and I had to put on the breaks, so to speak. Even though I had my hat pulled down on my head as much as possible and had the chin strap tight, a large gust blew off my hat. I was worried that the wind might blow the hat down to the Jordan River, but the hat stopped at the edge of the path, and I was able to retrieve it. I carried it the rest of the way.

The sky was overcast. We're expecting rain later this afternoon and possibly snow during the night. The temperature was in the mid 50s, and it was a warm, pleasant day to be outside.

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