Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I ran 2 miles in a cold wind

My wakeup pulse rate was 61 this morning, and I limited my run to 2 miles. The air temperature during my run was in the mid 40s (F), but it was windy with wind gusts of 50-60 mph. Between the gusts the wind was about 25 mph. I had three layers, which was enough, but my middle layer should have been a thicker long sleeved T-shirt instead of the thin short sleeved one that I've been wearing. Also, the wind gusts were brutal to my face, and I should have worn my wool ski mask that can be pulled over my face. I didn't have gloves on, but I kept my hands tucked inside the sleeves of my nylon wind breaker, and they were OK.

About half the run was in trees, and I didn't feel much wind at all. I thought, "This isn't bad; maybe I'll keep on going." Then I would reach an open space, and the full force of the wind, especially the gusts, would hit me. I decided that 2 miles was enough; time to give my body more rest.

My high wakeup heart rate indicates this week should be a "rest" week of about 8-10 miles (maybe less). That low mileage will be helpful to my busy schedule of Thanksgiving. We're staying home for Thanksgiving, but two of our four children will come for Thanksgiving dinner.

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