Monday, November 15, 2010

I rescued a dog during my run

Shortly after starting to run south from the parking lot, a big dog ran past me. He was dragging a 5-foot lease. I thought to myself that the owner of the dog was probably coming down the path, and I forgot about the dog. However, a mile later as I was nearing the Mulligan Golf Course, I saw the dog, still running and still dragging the lease. Later after I got back to the parking lot and was finishing my stretches, I saw the dog come up the path. I whistled to it, and it came over to me. I held the dog by its collar, and I phoned a number that was on his dog tag. The owner, who lived not far away, came over and got the dog. The owner said the dog loves to run. The dog has a wire "run" that allows the dog to run back and forth across the back yard, and somehow the dog had gotten loose. The owner thanked me for rescuing the dog, and I replied that it was my pleasure, that I was glad I could help out.


  1. We all should wear dog tags!

  2. Especially when we go running. If we follow the example of Jim Fixx we want people to know who to call. I have a metal ID tag on my running shoes.