Thursday, December 2, 2010

Extended my run to 6 miles

I ran 6 miles on the Jordan River Parkway this morning. The temperature was 27 (F) when I left home and in the mid 30s when I returned. My wakeup heart rate was 58. I thought it would be lower since I've been getting about 7 1/2 hours of good sleep night. Apparently, my body is still recovering from my snow shoveling a few days ago. I left home just before the sun came over the Wasatch mountains, and most of my run was in the sunshine. I only saw one walker (saw him at the beginning of my run) and one runner (saw her about 3/4 through my run).

Most of the Parkway path was clear, and it was a pleasant day for running. I wore my usual three layers, but I didn't wear gloves. Instead of gloves, I kept my hands inside the sleeves of my windbreaker. My fingers did get cold, as expected, but after I had gone 3 miles, they felt fine. It usually takes about 2 miles for my fingers to begin feeling better and 3 miles for them to feel fine. I wore my wide-brimmed hat instead of a knit cap, and my face and ears felt fine. In my previous run, I started running for 100 left-foot steps (I had been using 96) and walking my usual 66 lfs. During this run I continued the new number of lfs while running. I've been thinking that instead of increasing my lfs by 5 or so every 3-4 weeks, I would make a smaller increase each week. I may try 102 lfs next week and see how it goes.

Looking into the future, I should be running 6 1/2 miles by the end of the year, and I might be running 7 miles if things go well. My Monday/Tuesday run is capped at 5 miles as a rest run, and my Wednesday/Thursday run will be capped at 7 miles as a mid run. My Friday/Saturday run will be capped at 10 miles as a long run. Eventually, I'll move the mid run up to 90-10 miles and the long run up to 13+ miles.


  1. Hey, you put me to shame! it's been snowing like the clappers here and there's no way I can motivate my old bones to run in the low temperatures you run in.
    Keep it up. I depend on people like you for inspiration/motivation!

  2. You're progressing fast, you're almost at the 10k mark!

  3. Hi Bruce, Yep, almost to 10K, although I'm not setting any PR, unless I give myself a PR for the slowest 10K :)

    Running fox, well, there are times I have to sorta push myself to get outside. My PR in Massachusetts for running in cold weather was -18 (F). There were a lot of times I ran at 0 (F) and a brisk wind blowing. While in MA, I wore 5 layers. Utah gets cold but not like New England, and I'm only wearing 3 layers here. My body heats up quite a bit when I run. I remember having sweat-cicles hanging down the back of my hair when I ran in MA. Being retired, I have more freedom to wait for midday when the temps are higher.

  4. I just found your blog. inspirational. love the detail about your fingers getting cold. Over here in the UK its been around -4 centigrade during the day. definately glove weather and my feet seem to stay numb until about 4 miles!

    excellent blog.