Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ran my medium run of 7 miles on a cool but nice day

My wakeup heart rate (WHR) has been high the past week due to insufficient sleep, but I've been getting normal sleep the past couple of nights, and my WHR is coming down. I didn't measure my WHR this morning, but I felt pretty good when I got up, and I ran my medium run.

I drove to the big pavilion in Riverton at about 120th South and then ran 3.5 miles south and returned. My run took me past the big hill that was the turn-around point when I ran 15 mile long runs a few years ago (starting at 98th South, my usual starting point on the Jordan River Parkway). My turn-around this morning was about a quarter mile shy of the end of the path at 146th South. I only saw one other runner and one cyclist, but I saw several walkers. The sky was cloudy, and the temperature during the run was in the mid 30s. We've had about a foot of snow during the past week, but it is almost all gone due to above-freezing temperatures yesterday and during the night. One of the reasons I didn't run during the past week is that I used up my energy shoveling heavy, wet snow and didn't have any energy left for running :)

I enjoyed the run today, and it was interesting to visit parts of the path that I haven't been on for two years. During my run, I used a running/walking ratio of 104 left-foot steps running and 66 lfs walking, although during the last 3/4 mile I changed to 66 lfs running and 50 lfs walking.

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