Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walked 6 miles today

In my post last Wednesday, I mentioned I would have surgery for a Basal Cell skin cancer. I had the surgery on Thursday. The surgery uses the Mohs technique of removing the cancer in layers and inspecting each layer with a microscope. My surgery required three layers and a skin graft using skin from my chest. This was the third time that surgeon has removed skin cancers. A few years ago, I had 10 skin cancers removed by a different doctor.

I was told to not run for a week to decrease the risk of bleeding but that I could walk. I thus walked today. I decided to walk for the same time I ran last Wednesday, and I walked 6 miles. I felt fine during and after the walk. My walking pace was 21-22 minutes per mile. Normal walking is 20 mpm, so I was walking a bit slower than "normal". My walking seemed pretty fast to me, but my wife says I am a slower walker than she is.

The temperature during my walk was in the low 50s (F) and the sky was overcast. In the summer 50 degrees would seem like a great temperature, but in December, 50 degrees (today at least) is cold. I wasn't wearing gloves, and I had to tuck my hands under my windbreaker to keep them warm.

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