Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wow! My wakeup heart rate was 52 and ran 7 miles

That's the lowest heart rate I've had in two years! I had planned to run 6.5 miles again, but I decided that with the lower heart rate I might be able to do 7 miles. I did run 7 miles and had a great run. At around 3 miles I started getting tired, and I took a rest break for a couple of minutes at the 3-mile marker. On the way back, I took another break at that same bench. I took a third rest break with 1.5 miles left to go.

I'm not pushing for speed, but I did run about a minute per mile faster during the first two miles and last two miles. I did about 3/4 of the run at 102 left-foot steps running and 66 steps walking. During the last part of the run I changed to 66 lfs running and 45-50 lfs walking. I was getting tired by that time, and reducing the length of my running and walking segments helped a lot. I finished the run OK, in fact my last two miles were faster than the two miles that preceded them.

Today was a great day for running. During my run, the temperature was in the high 30s (F). The sky was cloudy. Most of the snow had melted, and for several miles it was like I was running in the early Spring. The path was clear of ice and was mostly dry.

In looking back on my run, I'm not quite ready for the faster pace that I ran during the first two miles. However, that is the pace my body set, and I went with it. The fact that I was able to maintain that pace for the first two miles and the last two miles was a good sign. However, I was pretty tired when I finished and climbed into my car. I ate an energy bar before I drove away; the energy bar (hopefully) helps my body begin its recovery.

Tomorrow I go in at 8 am for surgery for a Basal Cell skin cancer, and that might set my body back a bit.

I drove to the South Jordan East Pavilion to begin my run, and I was able to get into the territory that I ran when I was in half-marathon training three years ago. It was nice to revisit the area of the path than I ran back then. There is a large, empty concrete silo that is at the bottom of a large hill. Today, I didn't quite make it to that silo. I stopped in the middle of an area that will become at some future time a wetlands for wild birds.

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