Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another 5 miles but a slightly different route

I left home about 3:30 pm and went 5 miles again along the Jordan River Parkway. This time I started with the north-bound part of the path (1.5 miles round trip) and then went 3.5 miles on the south-bound path that I've been using. I ran 113 left-foot-steps and walked 66 lfs. I used that ratio for the full run and didn't take any rest stops either. My progress today was significantly better than it was during my last two runs.

We had warm April-like weather on Monday and yesterday, but today was colder due to a storm front that is passing through Utah. In the morning we had about 10 minutes of heavy snow, but during my run, the sky was partly cloudy with a lot of sun during most of my run. During the last mile, the sun had set behind the Oquirrh mountains, and I did that mile with no direct sun. The temperature when I left home was 37 (F) and 31 when I returned.

Even though it was colder today than it has been the past two days, I felt fine during the run. My three layers were just about right. In fact, a man walking his dog said "It's a nice afternoon".

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