Saturday, January 8, 2011

Went for a short run/walk

Even though my wakeup pulse rate was high, I felt pretty good, and I did a short run/walk of 2 miles during the late afternoon. The sky was overcast, and the temperature was in the mid 20s (F). The first 1/4 mile of the Parkway path was covered with ice and snow covered ice, but the rest of the path was about half covered, and I was able to go on the part that was bare. I did 109 left-foot-steps running and 66 lfs walking. When I finished, I was cold but felt OK. I finished during dusk.

I've noticed that during this first week of 2011, I'm feeling the cold more than I did in 2010. A month ago I would have run with a temperature of mid 20s and felt fine. Now, at that temperature, I feel like I need another layer. Three layers will likely be fine down to 32 degrees, but four layers will be needed for temps in the 20s and probably five layers for temps in the teens and below. Maybe in another couple of weeks I'll be recovered more and won't need more than three layers, but for now I do need more. I'm running slower than I did a few years ago, and my body generates less heat now than it did then.

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