Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did 5 miles again

My wakeup heart rate was 57, and I felt pretty good. There was a lot of sun today, but the temperature was still cold, although not as cold as the last couple of days. When I left home at 3 pm, the shade temperature was 32 (F), and it was 27 when I returned. Most of the path is in the sun, and that sun felt good! I ran 116-left-foot-steps and walked 66 lfs, and I kept that ratio for the whole time, including the last mile. I did take several short sitting breaks, though. Overall, I was significantly stronger than I was on Monday. The one bad thing was that I missed breakfast and lunch and just had a few hand fulls of Cheerios, an energy bar, and some water immediately before I left. I'm sure my energy level was lower than it would have been if I'd had proper meals during the morning and noon-time.


  1. Hi Allen - I just found your blog and I can tell already I will enjoy it. I'm new to blogging myself ( and will be training for my first marathon this year. It's also nice to see you are a fellow Massachusetts-ian?-ite?
    Unlike you, however, I will not brave the outdoors in these temps!

  2. Hi Becki,

    I love Massachusetts and New England. I left MA in December 1992 and moved back to Utah to be closer to family, but my heart is still in the northeast. I lived in Pepperell, in central MA and on the Border of NH. Pepperell is south of Hollis, NH.