Saturday, February 19, 2011

Had a nice 5.5 mile run during rain

I ran the same 5.5 mile route that I used on Thursday, only this time it was raining during the run. Not a heavy rain, just a light rain that didn't stop (temperature was low 40s (F)). I need to get a can of Silicone and spray my wind breaker to restore the water repellant on the jacket, pants, and hat. Water did leak through the cloth and got my long sleeved cotton T-shirt damp. My feet stayed dry, though, because my new Pearl iZUi shoes kept the water out. I used a ratio of 123 left-foot steps and 66 lfs walking, doing that for the first 2 miles. I could tell my body was getting tired, so I dropped to 66 lfs running and 50 lfs walking. After about half a mile I felt better, so I went back to the 123/66 ratio, but after doing that twice, I dropped to 80 lfs running and 55 lfs walking and finished the run while using that ratio. Even though it was raining, there were quite a few runners and walkers on the path.

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